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Boho Quilt Quilting Collection

If you have a love for the unconventional and artistic, then we have the collection for you! Taken from the original term Bohemian, the term “Boho” has been used for decades to represent free-spirited people with a penchant for the unique and chic. The term has even developed into a stylistic movement within the fashion and the art industries.

The combination of rich colors and globally-inspired patterns has given Bohemian style an unmistakable flair that is loved around the world. Floral themes and a hand stitched look in embroidery are common for Boho styles, giving a nod to its 1960s hippie influences. Crafted with Mix & Match quilting in mind, these stunning floral blocks come in 5 different sizes, perfect for creating quilts of all kinds, or even joining it with other collections.boho